Maymay Entrata recently took to social media to ask for netizens to stop linking her romantically with fellow actor Donny Pangilinan.

The actress, who has been linked to Donny as early as 2019 due to their close friendship stemming from their collaboration as hosts of “ASAP”, stated on Twitter that there is nothing between the two of them, as much as she is grateful to the MayDon tandem fans for their support.

“I want to make it clear that there is nothing between the two of us. I hope you can stop spreading rumours about us. Thank you very much,” she said.

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Maymay stresses that Donny and her are not together

This is not the first time that Maymay has debunked romance rumours between them, saying in an interview a few months back that many misunderstood their close friendship.

She then stressed that she has someone that is making her happy, except that the said person is neither Donny nor her onscreen partner Edward Barber.

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The actress was previously rumoured to be dating Edward Barber

(Photo Source: Maymay Entrata Instagram, ABS-CBN, Maymay & Donny Fanpage FB)