She may have a May-December romantic love with Kai Ko in the new movie “Grit”, but according to actress Angelica Lee Sinje, her own marriage with Oxide Pang is no longer at that stage.

As reported on UDN, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, stated that unlike her character in the new movie “Grit”, she and Oxide are now more or less your typical old married couple.

“We are living very simple lives now, and occasionally we share about our recent developments with each other,” she said.

Angelica stars with Kai Ko in ‘Grit’

Angelica stated that she and her husband have been away from each other for a while now, with Oxide filming in the mainland while she remained in her home country Malaysia.

“We mostly use video calls to contact each other. I will tell him the current situation at home so that he can be rest assured,” she said, adding that she has been using her free time during the pandemic to learn new skills like painting and cooking.

As to whether she will work with Oxide again on a new movie following their previous collaborations like “The Eye” and “Re-cycle”, Angelica stated that she has no qualms about it as long as it’s not another horror.

“If there is a suitable character, I would be happy to do it,” she said, adding that she hopes to do a comedy again.

Angelica with her film director husband Oxide Pang

(Photo Source: United Daily News, UWeekly, Focus Taiwan)