Despite the success of his Netflix series, “Squid Game”, South Korean actor Lee Jung-Jae revealed that he has yet to receive any offers from Hollywood.

The actor, who spoke with Variety recently, shared that unlike what most people would think, there hasn’t been any calls from foreign filmmakers for him to star in their movies, at least not yet.

“Nothing much has changed for me as an actor,” he said. “But if the right one comes along, I’d be happy to be in an overseas production. It could be fun.”

Lee, who plays the role of Gi-Hun or Player 456, stated that he never thought that the show would be as popular as it has become when he first decided to do it.

“When I read the script, I understood that it contained elements that could resonate with everyone and work outside of Korea,” says Lee, adding that he had also wanted to work with creator and director Hwang Dong-Hyuk, whose films include “The Fortress” and “Miss Granny” for the longest time.

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The audience roots for his character in ‘Squid Game’

“[Hwang] is very capable of building characters from the ground upwards, which is why when the characters have to make big decisions, they are believable. And it is why the audience is willing to believe in the show’s climactic ending. It is actually touching.”

On the other hand, Lee is also producing his own movie and directorial debut – the spy thriller, “Namsun”.

“Just because I’m doing the director’s job on this film doesn’t mean I’m going to be giving up acting. I still like acting the best and intend to focus on that,” he assured.

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Lee Jung-Jae with his beautiful co-star Jung Ho-Yeon

(Photo Source: Lee Jung-Jae Instagram)