Model and social media influencer Leanne Fu recently announced the launch of her clothing brand, Yelephant Kids.

The model, who is married to singer Jason Chan Pak Yu, revealed that the brand has begun its business back in September after three years of planning and a seven-figure sum of investment.

“Since the birth of Abigail, I found that it is really tricky when buying sweaters for children. It really is hard to buy beautiful, high quality shirts that are affordable. For me, good texture is the most important thing for kids’ clothing,” she said.

Leanne added that her brand Yelephant is doing just that – focusing on the quality of the fabric first and the design second.

Speaking of her inspiration for the brand, Leanne said that it was of course her daughter Abigail, and her husband Jason.

“He has been very supportive of me and would sometimes share some tips and advice,” she added.

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Leanne’s inspiration for the brand is her daughter

It was back in May that Leanne made headlines after sharing a heartbreaking post about how she was forced to terminate two pregnancies within a year.

She was first required to abort her second pregnancy after finding out that her egg was growing outside the uterus, only to find out that her third pregnancy had to be terminated as well after her foetus was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome – which means that the possibility of her child surviving past his/her first birthday would be slim to none.

Following the two tragedies, Leanne and Jason announced that they will not try for a child again and will be happy to be the parents of little Abigail.

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Leanne and Jason with their daughter Abigail

(Photo Source: Leanne Fu Instagram, Yelephant Kids Instagram)