After making headlines as well as having her fans worried for her for passing out on the streets last month, TVB actress Koni Lui assured all that she is now doing fine.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the promotional event of her series, “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold”, stated that she has already undergone physical examination and was told that there was nothing wrong with her vital organs.

“It’s just that my stomach is a little bit inflamed. I think it must be due to my irregular eating habit,” she said.

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Koni with her adorable son Anton

Koni stated that she has now made sure to keep a balanced diet, eat regularly and have good rest.

“I also do exercises and pay more attention to my body,” she added.

Asked what her son’s reaction was to her hospitalisation, Koni stated that he was not at all concerned about her health and treated the whole experience as a staycation.

“He came to visit and stressed that he wanted to accompany me, and ended up napping with me in the ward,” she said.

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Koni is a single mum to Anton since her divorce from Dickson Wong in 2019

(Photo Source: Koni Lui Instagram)