In celebration of her 22nd anniversary in music, Joey Yung decided to direct for the first time the music video for her new song, “Unworthy”.

The singer, who spoke about her directorial debut, admitted that the stress is inevitable with it being her first time.

“But since I am the one who knows the ups and downs of the song best, I am able to control the scenes and images,” she said.

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It was challenging for Joey to direct her MV

Joey admitted that there were several challenges to directing the MV – from trying to guide the dancers to interpret the lyrics, as well as to also find the different angles to capture every scene.

The new song records the true emotions of Joey in the process of her growing up, interpreting the helplessness of a relationship that goes from shallow to deep, parting ways, and then to finally have closure.

“This song comes from my own feelings. I really like the feeling and wisdom that this song brings after the helpless growth,” she said.

Although she has recorded the said song in the past, Joey stated that she decided to re-record it to fully express the meaning of the song.

Her new Cantonese album will be released on 17 November.

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Joey in the director’s chai

(Photo Source: Joey Yung InstagramEpochTimes)