Jake Cuenca has finally broken his silence on his recent trouble with the law, saying that the whole issue was caused by a misunderstanding and has now left him traumatised.

The actor, who spoke to ABS-CBN’s showbiz reporter MJ Felipe, shared that although there is truth in the reports that he didn’t stop after hitting a police car, he actually wasn’t aware that he did, and that there were no marks on his SUV that indicated he did so.

“There’s no paint from anywhere, there’s no damage to my car aside from the damage that was caused by the gunshots. I understand that there are operations out there that we don’t know about and people are just doing their jobs. And I completely understand that,” he said.

Jake stated that he was only following his instinct when he decided not to stop after being flagged by the police, who were dressed in civilian clothing as they were on a buy-bust operation.

Jake Cuenca breaks silence on road incident, celeb asia, jake cuenca, theHive.Asia
Jake says that the whole situation has left him traumatised

“When I have civilians flagging down my car, armed civilians flagging down my car with unmarked vehicles, my instinct was to not stop, just to go forward, to just get away from trouble,” Jake explained. “For me, [at] that moment, I was thinking… I was fearing for my life.”

Jake revealed that his said black SUV is now in his possession again, and bears the marks of multiple gunshots, with one of the bullets nearly hitting the gasoline tank.

He also assured that he was not arrested, and that the police did not find anything illegal in his car.

“I followed everything that they wanted me to do. I followed due process. I followed all… I am not the enemy,” he said.

Despite what had happened and that he was facing complaints of reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property, Jake said that he will not be pressing charges and just wants the issue resolved.

As for the Grab driver who was accidentally shot by a stray bullet from the police, Jake said that he will do his best to assist the said victim.

“Despite the police taking that responsibility, I also want to extend my hand in any way, shape, or form. If I can help him and his family, I am willing to do that.”

Jake Cuenca breaks silence on road incident, celeb asia, jake cuenca, theHive.Asia
Jake is thankful to girlfriend Kylie Verzosa for her support

(Photo Source: Jake Cuenca Instagram)