Grace Wong couldn’t help but smile after hearing that people loved her performance in the TVB series, “The Kwoks And What”, but saddened to find that she doesn’t have as many scenes as the other actors.

Speaking to HK01 recently, the actress admitted that she actually has decided not to work in too many dramas nowadays so that she can balance both her music career and her acting career.

“I would rather concentrate on doing my best in a few projects (than doing a lot of it). Sometimes because of the nature of the role, I will reduce the number of projects that I would do,” she said.

Grace added that it takes time and energy to be a singer, as she is not only performing, but writing songs, producing, directing the music video, choreographing, and more.

Asked why she decided to do both seeing how challenging it is, the actress stated that it is all about pursuing her dreams.

“I will continue to be an actor when I reach my old age, but it takes a long time to wait for a good character. And being a self-financed singer, you have a lot of creative space. It’s easy to talk but it’s all about time, money, and enthusiasm,” she said.

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Grace: It’s about pursuing my dreams

(Photo Source: Grace Wong Instagram)