After announcing her hiatus from the music business, Gigi Leung is set to fulfil her television drama dream by starring in an upcoming ViuTV series, “Anti-Starting Line Alliance” (working title).

As reported on Singtao, the singer shared the good news on social media as early as last month by posting a photo of a bundle of scripts, captioning it, “New challenge.”

But it was only recently that it was reported that the new project would be an original ViuTV drama, which revolves around the topic of different styles of parenting.

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Gigi’s new challenge

The drama will depict the two factions of parenting groups; one that gives their children the freedom to do everything, and the other “tiger mums and dads” who prioritise children’s excellence and whose children must always be “winning at the starting line”.

The upcoming series will be helmed by Hong Kong director Benny Lau of “Wong Ka Yan” fame, who is considered a close friend of Gigi in real life.

Gigi reportedly will play the role of a tiger mum alongside Johnny Hui, who will play her husband. Other cast members include Catherine Chau, Ben Yuen and Poon Chan Leung.

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Gigi Leung is halting her music career for the time being

(Photo Source: Gigi Leung Instagram)