Adrian Wong couldn’t help but laugh over new rumours linking her father romantically to actress Emily Kwan.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at an event recently, was asked about the fact that Felix Wong has met the actress twice for a meal within half a month, and if the two of them are more than just friends.

“It’s funny,” said Adrian. “There are other people present at all of his meetings, but I am also very happy to see that he is going out now.”

The actor was spotted with actress Emily Kwan

Adrian stated that she doesn’t ask Felix questions about his personal life, though believes that he still misses her late mum.

It is noted that Felix’s wife and former actress Leung Kit Wah passed away in May last year after battling leukaemia.

Asked if she would encourage the actor to start dating again, Adrian said, “If it’s dating, I hope I would do that first before him. I won’t let him surpass me. Unfortunately, I have been busy preparing to open a bakery.”

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Felix and Leung Kit Wah were married for 32 years prior to her passing

(Photo Source: Adrian Wong Instagram, Mingpao, China Press)