Actresses Erika Toda and Asami Mizukawa recently took to social media to blast a tabloid for alleging that the two are on bad terms with one another.

As reported on Epoch Times, the whole issue sparked after a Japanese gossip magazine reported that Erika and Asami have grown apart ever since the latter married Masataka Kubota in 2019, adding that Erika was unhappy by the behavioural change in her friend.

It was also reported that Erika avoided Asami after the actress reportedly made incomprehensible remarks, including supposedly believing that the pandemic is a conspiracy.

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The two are known to be close friends

In response to the report, Erika posted a message on Instagram, slamming the said magazine and said, “How many people will you hurt to satisfy yourself? How much are you going to inflate the story? What kind of pictures you must take to be satisfied? Doesn’t it hurt to continue lying… be careful not to get into a car accident while chasing me. Leave me alone.”

She added that she has nothing to report regarding her private life, and that anything about her from the media does not come from her.

Asami has also turned to social media to express her frustration, saying that the media seemed to suffer no problems with their lies while celebrities have to be accountable for theirs.

“Why do we have to get hurt by words that have no accountability and full of lies. It makes me think that this is an attack, a kind of sabotage against me,” she wrote.

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Asami slammed the tabloid for the untruths

(Photo Source: Erika Toda Instagram, Asami Mizukawa Instagram, Excite)