While many thought that Eric Tsang’s appointment as a TVB executive means more Hong Kong-centric projects, he recently admitted that the next plan for the company is to further strengthen cooperation with mainland stations.

As reported on Mingpao, in an interview about his work as the new TVB General Manager, Eric stated that both he and Wong Cho Lam, the latter who was appointed Chief Creative Officer back in February, have a lot of experience working in the north.

“We have worked in mainland China for the past ten years. A lot of Hong Kong producers went there to share their experience ten years ago, but in recent years, the industry there has grown rapidly. Many Hong Kong people now go to mainland to learn,” he said.

Eric added that the mainland also has sufficient resources and that it would be beneficial for TVB to work with the people in the industry there.

“A lot of TV stations in mainland China are familiar with me and Cho Lam, so I hope to collaborate on several programmes next year,” he said.

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Eric has plans for TVB’s future programmes

(Photo Source: Mingpao, HK01)