Following news of his engagement back in September, Daniel Sit recently announced that he has married girlfriend Cherie.

Sharing the good news on 25 October, the Neway heir stated that they were only able to invite 50 people to the wedding that was held at The Peninsula, Hong Kong due to the pandemic.

“Many relatives and friends were unable to get invitations. I’m sorry. We will meet you one by one before and after the honeymoon,” he added.

In the same post, Daniel stated that he and Cherie were introduced by a mutual friend, and that he loved how she was very tolerant of his shortcomings.

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We’re married

“I realised that she was so capable and able to reconcile everyone. The elderly are happy and satisfied, and things are done properly. I was also fortunate enough to get the best helper, even the weather cooperated with her,” he added about the wedding.

Daniel also stated that he wanted to be married as soon as possible as he couldn’t wait to start a family with Cherie.

“But that is a gift from heaven, and we are praying for it,” he added.

Prior to Cherie, Daniel was married to actress Fala Chen.

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It was a small wedding due to the pandemic

(Photo Source: Daniel Sit Instagram)