A Chinese variety show has recently been the subject of ridicule among netizens, after it was accused of copying the premise of the hit Netflix series, “Squid Game”.

As reported on ET Today, on 20 October, streaming platform Youku held a special conference to reveal the shows and dramas that will be produced and broadcast in 2022. Among the many shows that were announced, a show called “Squid’s Victory” attracted the most attention – as it was described as a game that will test physical strength, intelligence and teamwork based on childhood games.

Apart from the similarities in its name and premise to the said South Korean hit series, netizens couldn’t help but noticed that the poster also bore resemblances to the show’s poster, particularly the font and style.

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The poster of ‘Squid’s Victory’ seems familiar

Not only has the show (which could still be in development) been dragged down by Korean netizens, even Weibo users themselves couldn’t help but slammed the producer for its alleged blatant rip off, with one commenting, “Why would you even do this? The show is not even popular in China.”

Another stated that they were annoyed by the premise of the show as it is only giving the Koreans ammunition to make fun of them.

Youku has not responded to the issue yet.

Last week, Chinese and Korean netizens had a squabble when Wu Jing was accused of being a copycat to the “Squid Game” iconic green track suit. However, it was later debunked by mainland fans, who stated that the actor wore his green tracksuit two years before the said series for his 2019 movie, “Song of Youth”.

Wu Jing wore the green track suit in his 2019 movie, 2 years before ‘Squid Game’ was released

(Photo Source: KBiZoom News)