After giving birth to her second child a few months ago, Ayumi Hamasaki suddenly announced that she is a proud “C-section mother”.

On 24 October, the singer posted an image on Instagram that seems to support mothers who did not welcome their children through normal births.

The image read, “Epidural, Catheter. Stomach cut open. Organs pulled out. And a scar left behind to remind me how I birthed my babies to safety. My body didn’t fail me. It might not have been what I planned, but it’s my story. Csection is still birth.”

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Ayumi posted this to remind everyone that not all births are the same

Ayumi posted, “I’m a C-section mom. After spending 10 months without worrying about it, it’s hard to say which one is right or wrong, or how easy it is to create a new life in this world. No. I want the world to be a world where no one else can judge it. I love and take pride in the wounds on my stomach.”

It is noted that the topic of normal birth vs caesarean birth has caused countless arguments over the years, with studies in Japan revealing that many view that the pain experienced during childbirth is a necessary step to becoming a mother – a mindset that could spark prejudice towards delivery via surgery.

Ayumi gave birth to her second child back in May, though made no mention as to the gender of the baby or the identity of the father.

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The queen of J-pop

(Photo Source: Ayumi Hamasaki Instagram)