Anne Curtis doesn’t believe that her choice of roles will be limited now that she has become a mother.

In an interview with Preview magazine recently, the actress used the example of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, saying that the “Big Little Lies” actress was still able to portray various kinds of characters after becoming a mother of four.

“It’s also very hard because I know the culture here is very different, right? But for me personally, I won’t let it change my passion as an actress. And as an actress, you should always be open to taking on a challenge for any role,” said Anne.

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Anne with her daughter Dahlia

As for her own comeback, the actress said that it would be a little while longer as she is currently reviewing several scripts.

“There are a lot of projects that have been pitched so I’m very excited to share that with everyone once everything is confirmed and the ball starts rolling again,” she said.

Anne took a long hiatus from work back in November 2019 to focus on her pregnancy. She then travelled to Australia where she gave birth to her daughter Dahlia before returning to Manila in February this year. In June, she launched her babywear brand Tili Dahli with sister-in-law Solenn Heussaff.

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Sisters-in-law Anne and Solenn launched their babywear brand Tili Dahli in June

(Photo Source: Anne Curtis Instagram)