Nearly a year after announcing his departure from TVB and seven months after leaving Warner Music, Alfred Hui announced that he has now established his own record label.

Sharing the logo of his new company ALFRECORDS on social media on 5 October, the singer revealed that he is embarking on a new chapter of his singing career with his own independent label.

In a subsequent IG Live, Alfred stated that he was inspired by the lyrics of his new song about being brave and getting one’s own approval, and decided to use it as the name of his company.

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Alfred shared the logo of his new company ALFRECORDS

“I am willing myself to be courageous and make a big change this year,” he added.

In the same video, Alfred stated that his new song, “A Buddhist Life” (translated title) will be released on 7 October.

It was back in March that the singer announced that he and Warner Music have ended their collaboration after four years.

“The end of a contract period means that I have completed another stage. Allow me to cheer for myself and say: Come on! For the beginning of another stage, in fact, my mind is full of expectations. I look forward to it. I have more possibilities, just like graduating from university, with a little nervous about the future, but full of expectations,” he posted on social media.

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Alfred is a little nervous about the future, but is full of expectations

(Photo Source: Alfred Hui Instagram)