Alden Richards recently admitted that he has plans to go back to school and earn himself a diploma.

In an interview with Inquirer, the actor stated that he is very interested to study business economics if he has the time to do so.

“I have taken up interest in the stock market, cryptocurrency and other topics related to the economy,” he said. “There are a couple of universities I’m looking at. But it’s just about time management.”

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Alden has interests in the stock market and cryptocurrency

Alden stated that he has just finished shooting a drama and still have several commitments, which means he may need to find a window for that particular dream, which he admitted to be his father’s as well.

“My mother’s dream was for me to find success in showbiz. My father’s dream, on the other hand, is for me to earn a diploma. He always tells me to finish my studies, no matter what,” he said.

There have been a huge number of artistes who decided to go back to school while also being active in showbiz, including actress Jodi Sta Maria, who recently graduated from Southville International School in Psychology as well as Sunshine Cruz, who has a degree in Psychology from Arellano University.

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Jodi Sta Maria graduated from Southville International School and Colleges

(Photo Source: Alden Richards Instagram, Jodi Sta Maria Instagram)