Following Aljur Abrenica’s post calling for estranged wife Kylie Padilla to “tell the truth” about the reason for their split, AJ Raval’s mother Alyssa Alvarez took to social media to speak up about the issue.

On 19 October, Alyssa shared Aljur’s statement on her own Facebook account, and stated that the actor has told her everything from the start so that she would get to know his personality and if he deserves to be accepted by the family.

She stated that she decided to keep mum about AJ and Aljur’s relationship at first – despite the accusations thrown her daughter’s way for supposedly being the third party in Aljur and Kylie’s marriage – in order to prevent the issue from getting worse.

“I chose to get hurt for my daughter, because I know the day will come when the truth will arrive,” she said.

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Alyssa Alvarez with Aljur, who is dating Alyssa’s daughter AJ

In the same post, she also thanked Aljur for his decision to speak up, saying that the actor stayed true to his promise that he will not abandon them.

Earlier this week, AJ herself took to social media to deny reports that she was the third party in Aljur and Kylie’s split.

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Aljur recently breaks silence and asks Kylie to tell the truth about their separation

(Photo Source: Alyssa Alvarez Facebook, AJ Raval Fanpage Facebook, Kylie Padilla Instagram)