Zhao Wei has recently denied rumours that she has flown to France, in a now deleted Instagram post.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who suddenly found herself being blocked on all social media and online video platforms in China, was rumoured earlier to have flown to Bordeaux, France to join her husband Huang Youlong following the surprising blacklist.

However, seeing that her Weibo account has also been blocked, Zhao decided to share her updates with fans on her Instagram account instead.

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One of the posts that Zhao had since deleted

Sharing three photos on the said account on 29 August, Zhao claimed that she has been staying with her parents in Beijing, writing, “The best season, chatting with mum and dad. It’s like I’ve never grown up.”

The posts, however, were deleted soon after, sparking more speculations among netizens.

It is noted that no reason has been given as to why the actress was suddenly banned from all online media in China, though it came amid the crackdown on celebrities with problematic behaviour following the multiple scandals from stars like Zheng Shuang, Kris Wu, Zhang Zhehan, and Qian Feng.

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Zhao Wei is married to businessman Huang Youlong

(Photo Source: Zhao Wei Instagram, HK01, Zenko)