A week after Zhao Wei’s movies and TV shows suddenly vanished from online video platforms in China, it was reported that the actress’ highly-anticipated project is now replacing her with a new actress.

According to HK01, the actress reportedly has been filming her new drama since July this year, an adaptation of the US TV series, “The Good Wife” that is titled, “Wars of the Roses”.

The project itself is one that has been highly requested and anticipated by fans, since it will be Zhao’s first collaboration with her real-life best friend Huang Xiaoming.

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Zhao and Huang have been best friends since their student years

However, due to her recent (and mysterious) scandal that had led to her ban, it was reported that the drama had since found a replacement for her in the likes of 44 year-old actress Yuan Quan.

On the other hand, Huang will remain as the drama’s lead actor.

It is noted that the actor has not been making any comments regarding the scandal that has befallen his said best friend.

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Zhao will be replaced by Yuan Quan

(Photo Source: HK01, China Press)