Despite Eric Tsang’s previous statement that he has no intention to cancel Sandy Yue’s youth-oriented show, “Young and Restless”, it was recently revealed that the programme will be saying goodbye to its audience at the end of the month.

As reported on Mingpao, TVB recently issued a press release, stating that the show decided to end its run after four years as its creators and behind-the-scenes team have many other ideas in producing various types of programmes, while its hosts are also developing other shows.

It was stated that with many of its hosts like Crystal Fung and Bella Lam busy filming dramas and a few others including Luk Ho Ming are now doing variety shows, it has become much more difficult for everybody to shoot the show together.

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Crystal says that everybody has already grown up, it’s like a graduation

Speaking about the end of the show, co-host Crystal Fung stated that the news of the show’s ending was not sudden, and that the whole team has agreed to it.

“Everybody has already grown up and learned a lot of new things. It’s like a graduation. With different developments, we may come up with new shows,” she said.

On the other hand, C-Kwan, who was recently appointed Creative Director of the Production Division for TVB’s J2, denied that he had anything to do with the show ending, saying that the decision was made even before he started in his new position.

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Earlier this year, Eric Tsang had appeared on ‘Young and Restless’ to assure the hosts and audiences that the show’s status is unchanged

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Crystal Fung Instagram)