A week after she was dragged into Paolo Contis’ separation from LJ Reyes, it was revealed that Yen Santos has now wiped her Instagram clean.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who has two million followers on the said social media account, was revealed to have removed all of her photos, leaving her said account with only the notice of “No Posts Yet”.

She seemed to have also unfollowed everybody on Instagram, though decided to maintain her follower count.

It is noted that Yen, who co-starred in the new movie “A Faraway Land” with Paolo Contis, was accused of being the third party in Paolo and LJ Reyes’ six-year relationship, after the couple admitted to have called it quits.

It was further fuelled by news that the actor was seen with her in Baguio following LJ’s departure from the Philippines with her two kids.

Paolo had since defended Yen, posting on Instagram that the actress had nothing to do with his breakup.

“When LJ left for the States with the kids, I went to Baguio for 3 days because I didn’t want to be in Manila and I wanted to be able to think. I became insensitive about the possible effects of the issue and I invited Yen for a day. She went there as a friend,” he explained.

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Paolo Contis co-starred with Yen Santos in ‘A Faraway Land’
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LJ with Summer, her daughter with Paolo

(Photo Source: PhilStar, Philippine News, LJ Reyes Instagram)