In an effort to what they alleged to be toxic fan culture, Weibo has decided to shut down 22 K-pop fan accounts that include accounts dedicated to groups like BTS, BLACKPINK and GOT7.

It all started with a BTS fan account with 1.1 million following being accused by Weibo of raising funds illegally after it shared a photo of a Jeju Air plane that was customised to celebrate member Jimin’s birthday that was crowdfunded by his Chinese fans.

The said page has now been blocked from posting for 60 days.

1 58
The customised plane that has rubbed China the wrong way
2 26
It’s for Jimin’s 26th birthday on Oct 13

Weibo later announced that it will also impose 30-day bans on 21 other similar accounts for groups like BLACKPINK, GOT7 and EXO.

It is noted that China previously stated that it will ban broadcasts of vulgar internet celebrities and also feminine-looking men, as well as toxic fandom war. Actress Zanilia Zhao’s agency became one of the firsts to face this punishment, after her fans decided to wage an online war with fans of another actor.

It was just back in August when Kris Wu’s fans, who do not believe the rape allegations against him, made ridiculous comments online that include a plan to break into prison to rescue the singer and to visit Kris in prison.

Kris Wu’s fans previously discussed ‘prison break’ plans

(Photo Source: BTS Instagram, Jimin Fans Club Instagram, Koreaboo, Global Times)