Ukei Cheung, the 17 year-old pageant hopeful that made the news earlier for supposedly being Stephen Chow’s new girlfriend, recently admitted that she has received a notice from the director’s lawyer about the recent yacht trip.

Previously, it was reported that the filmmaker had apparently informed all his guests that they were not to take any photographs aboard his yacht or anywhere near his yacht to maintain his privacy.

However, Ukei, who was linked to Stephen after she was spotted with him at the said trip, seemed to have broken the confidentiality agreement by taking selfies on the yacht.

Sources revealed that Stephen had sent a notice to the 17 year-old to delete the photos and not to publish them again or face legal action.

When asked about the said letter, Ukei revealed that she did receive it and that she was unhappy about it.

“It is inconvenient to talk more about the details,” she said, adding that she has indeed deleted the photos.

Ukei also dismissed the notion that she was using Stephen to get famous, saying that she didn’t need to rely on others to do so.

“Otherwise, I would not have tried my hardest to do different jobs before trying out at the Miss Hong Kong pageant. If I relied on relationships, I would have entered the finals right now,” she added.

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Mr Chow is not amused

(Photo Source: Ukei Instagram, Stephen Chow Fan Club Instagram)