Two TVB newcomers by the surname of Chan recently had to clarify themselves, after receiving some attention for the wrong reason.

As reported on Mingpao, actors Rio Chan and Darryl Chan recently went on social media to deny speculations of them being the same man who was arrested for paedophilia.

The Hong Kong police recently revealed that a 24 year-old man had been arrested for luring a 14 year-old to a hotel for sexual intercourse, adding that the man had been detained for investigation.

It was later rumoured that the man, who is surnamed Chan, is also an actor who recently played a role in a TV series. Netizens immediately went on search of this said man, with their attention then turning towards Rio and Darryl.

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Rio Chan says he is 26 not 24

Sharing a post from a netizen denying that it was him, Rio expressed, “Thank you for helping me clarify, but I am actually 26 years old.”

On the other hand, Darryl, who recently appeared in Priscilla Wong’s drama, “Battle of the Seven Sisters”, wrote that he is turning 23 this year.

He then posted, “Thank you for your attention and concern. I am doing well… Anyway, be cautious in making friends.”

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Darryl plays a role in ‘Battle of the Seven Sisters’

(Photo Source: Rio Chan Instagram, Darryl Chan Instagram)