Stephy Tang is elated to hear the news that her new movie, “Twelve Days” will be opening the 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

The actress, who plays the lead in the Aubrey Lam movie, expressed, “I am very happy because time is a continuation of director Aubrey’s work. I just finished dubbing for the film, and after watching the trial version, I really do love it.”

“It’s a really good news and I hope more good news will follow,” she added.

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Stephy also stated that the “Twelve Days” in the title refers to the 12 days that the director uses to symbolise a ten-year relationship as it changes for both parties.

“The film brings out the question on whether two people can find a comfortable way to get along in a relationship? Did they compromise? Do they understand what each other wants? Many scenes during the shoot and screening have left me with an interesting feeling,” she said.

It is noted that Stephy herself is no stranger to such a situation, having been in a ten-year relationship with actor Alex Fong prior to their breakup in 2017.

The new movie co-stars Edward Ma.

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Stephy in a scene from ‘Twelve Days’

(Photo Source: HK01)