In celebration of the success of “Squid Game” on Netflix, Filipino supporting actor Chris Lagahit recently reunited with his other non-Korean co-star Anupam Tripathi to celebrate it.

Chris, who plays the role of Player 276 and can be seen in the tug-of-war game in the hit series, recently posted several photos with his said co-star, and wrote, “Our simple way of celebrating the success of “Squid Game”. 276 and 199 met again but this time, not as players of Squid Game but as brothers, Chris and Anup!”

“Don’t forget to watch “Squid Game” on your favourite Netflix channel,” he added.

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2 89
Player 199 and Player 276

Chris Lagahit, aka Chris Chan, studied in the University of the Philippines, is a former English teacher and currently works as a marketing consultant in South Korea.

The said series is not his first foray into acting in Korea though, as Chris has already worked in several dramas and films including the Hyun Bin-starrer, “The Negotiation” and TVN’s “Miss Lee”.

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Chris alongside actress Jung Ho Yeon aka Player 067
4 6
And here he is with Lee Yoo Mi aka Player 240
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And finally, with Player 101 whom we all love to hate – played to perfection by Heo Sung Tae

(Photo Source: Chris Lagahit Instagram)