With her comeback movie, “Revirginized” getting all the rave reviews, Sharon Cuneta is now motivated to do more and more big screen projects in the near future.

The actress expressed her said desire in a recent post on Instagram dated 30 August, which read, “I am nowadays restless and impatient – because I JUST WANT TO MAKE MOVIE AFTER MOVIE AFTER MOVIE!!!”

Sharon with co-star Marco Gumaba in ‘Revirginized’

Sharon explained that she has her “seasons” and that now is the season of making movies.

“Sometimes all I want to do is TV. Sometimes all I want to do is sing – make new albums and do concerts. Now I am in my movie season and I CANNOT WAIT TO FILM BECAUSE NOT DOING SO IS DRIVING ME UP THE WALLS!!! Even if I have to produce!” she exclaimed.

In a previous interview, Sharon expressed her interest to do a sequel to “Revirginized”, jokingly added that she would even lose weight to be as slim as Angel Aquino.

Sharon: Sometimes all I want to do is sing

(Photo Source: Sharon Cuneta Instagram, Kiko Pangilinan Instagram, Marco Gumabao Instagram)