Although a genre such as his upcoming movie, “Bhoot Police” may not be something typical of Saif Ali Khan, the actor recently revealed that his decision to do the project was instinctive.

“Something has to grab you that you would want to be part of the whole process,” he said about the said film that co-stars Arjun Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. “When you hear a story or when you read a script you visualize the movie in a way and you think, ‘Is this what I wanted to do?’” Saif and Arjun play ghosthunters Vibhooti and Chiraunji in the horror-comedy film.

Saif stated that “Bhoot Police” was one of the better scripts that had come his way in recent years. “There’s more depth to it than I think people would expect and it is a really interesting film,” he said.

However, the actor admitted that working on the film was also tiring as he was made to wear prosthetics.

“This film is on location, very dramatic, there’s a lot of things going on, and I remember being very, very tired, very often even though I enjoyed it every day, but it was tiring,” he said.

The horror-comedy film, while could not be released in cinemas on its targeted date of 10 September, will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on the same date.

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The film was originally scheduled for a cinema release on 10 September