Ron Ng recently denied rumours that there is something between him and singer Hana Kuk.

As reported on Mingpao, speculations of romance between the two sparked recently, after the actor tagged Hana’s name on Weibo at 4am in the morning.

Some believed that the actor was hinting on an upcoming project with the singer, while others were of the idea that he was trying to confess his love publicly.

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This particular post gets fans speculating

However when asked about it at a public event soon after, Ron explained that it was nothing but a misunderstanding due to him having no clue as to how to use the social media.

“I was looking at my phone while at filming and saw her name. I thought the tag was just notifying the party that I followed her. I really didn’t know how to use social media and it’s easy to make such mistakes,” he said.

Ron also explained that it was his manager who would post any updates on his Weibo account in the past, which is why he has no clue on how to use it.

“Everybody thought too much about it. I never thought that a tag would cause such speculation,” he said.

As for reports that he was seen at a supermarket in Tai Po with Hana, the actor denied it and said, “I often go there, but I have never been there with her. I can’t control what other people think.”

(Photo Source: Ron Ng Instagram, Hana Kuk Instagram, Mingpao)