After finally realising her dream to play the lead in movies, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach revealed that her ultimate dream now is to do theatre.

In a Q&A video she shared on her YouTube channel, Pia stated that she has always wanted to become a theatre actress as it is a different discipline than TV and movies.

“It’s my big “what if” in life,” she said. “I really have high respects for theatre actors and actresses. It feels like a different world,” she added.

Pia stated that it really takes a lot of talent and discipline for an actor to do it and admitted that she always felt transported into the world of the theatres every time she went to a stage play.

“Theatre is a kind of discipline where there is no cut, no take two. You only get one chance to do it because it’s live. So when you make a mistake, actually you can’t make any mistakes. You should be aware of every scene,” she said.

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Pia previously starred in ‘My Perfect You’ alongside Gerald Anderson

(Photo Source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram, PelikulaMania)