Paolo Contis recently decided to break his silence, following former partner LJ Reyes’ decision to open up about their recent separation.

On 8 September, the actor made two posts on social media to respond to allegations about him, saying that he had to do so to ensure other names would not get dragged with him – seeing that he has been the target of netizens’ wrath since LJ’s interview with Boy Abunda last week.

Regarding the rumour that he has been taking drugs and hurting LJ and their children as a result, Paolo stated that it was not true at all and that he never laid a finger on them.

Regarding the question of him cheating on LJ, Paolo admitted that he had been “fragile and stupid” in the few years they were together.

“I’m not proud of it. For that, I’m sincerely sorry. I’m truly ashamed of my actions,” he wrote.

He then denied that Yen Santos was the third party in their relationship, saying, “She was never the reason of our break up. I was. If LJ and I haven’t been okay for a long time, it was mainly because of me. You put too much emphasis on this issue. Even when we promote a movie, it is stained with what is what.”

As for him being in Baguio with Yen Santos, Paolo said that he went there for three days after LJ had left for the US with the kids.

“I went to Baguio for 3 days because I don’t want to be in Manila and I want to be able to think. I became insensitive about the possible effects of the issue and I invited Yen for a day to talk to someone since she is also close to the north. She went there as a friend. I never thought she would be affected like this. I’m sorry for this.”

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Paolo Contis co-starred with Yen Santos in ‘A Faraway Land’

Paolo also defended his manager Lolit Solis, saying that it was only natural for the latter to defend him.

“I was very clear to LJ when I told her I want to see and take care of Summer even if we are not okay. But I understand and respect her decision to go to the States first. Hopefully one day we can talk properly for the child. There’s a lot more to talk about but it’s just LJ and me and I hope you respect that,” he added.

In another post, Paolo expressed his apology to everybody involved, especially to LJ, saying that he is sorry for everything.

“I will work on making myself a better person and learn from this. But for now, please respect our privacy and pray for us,” he added.

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LJ Reyes has brought her two kids, Summer and Aki, to the US after their separation. Aki is her son from a previous relationship

(Photo Source: Paolo Contis Instagram, LJ Reyes Instagram, When in Manila)