Amid rumours that he will be the next in line to likely be banned by China, Nicholas Tse revealed that he has renounced his Canadian citizenship.

As reported on Mingpao, an excerpt from a CCTV 6 interview, “Blue Feather Reception Room” recently went viral, in which the actor spoke about his new movie as well as the criticism regarding his Canadian citizenship.

“I was born in Hong Kong, so I am Chinese,” he said. “When I saw the comments [about citizenship] I realised, “Oh…” How could I say that? So in fact, I have begun applying to renounce my Canadian citizenship.”

He added that he has a responsibility to spread the Chinese culture; be it food, movies, or music to the whole world.

It is noted that Nic has held dual citizenship after obtaining his Canadian one in 1987 when as a child, he followed his parents in their move to Vancouver.

Regarding his renouncement, Nic’s manager Mani Fok stated that it was his personal decision and that the company respects it. On the other hand, father and veteran actor Patrick Tse stated that he did not know about Nic’s decision, though stressed that he is supportive of his son.

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The actor says that it is his decision to renounce his Canadian citizenship

(Photo Source: Nicholas Tse Fans Club Instagram)