It looks like the road to a comeback would be a tough one for Fan Bingbing, seeing that more and more Chinese celebrities are being banned by the industry watchdog.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Chinese government has allegedly issued a new measure to ensure the performers in the entertainment industry would have more self-discipline, with different level of boycotts to be implemented against them based on the severity of their violations.

It is noted that several celebrities have been facing these bans for the past few months, from Zheng Shuang for the illegal surrogacy and abandonment of her two children as well as her tax evasion scandal, Kris Wu and Qian Feng for their rape allegations, Zhang Zhehan for his past controversial photo at the Yasukini Shrine, to Zhao Wei, who was suddenly banned and removed from all video and social media platforms without any justification given for the ban.

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Fan Bingbing has been testing the waters for a comeback

Now, all eyes are on Fan Bingbing, who has already been on a forced hiatus since 2018 for her tax evasion scandal.

The actress, whose TV and movie works were blacklisted following the scandal, has been looking to make her return for more than a year now, starting with sponsorship of a charity project, launching a new business selling face masks, and focusing more on her work in the fashion industry.

However, with news of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) putting more restrictions on problematic celebrities, many speculated that Bingbing may have to take more time to regain her status and make her comeback, or that she may not be able to return at all.

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Zhao Wei was recently banned without any justification

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram,  Zhao Wei Instagram)