Maria Cordero is not worried about the dual citizenship issue as she has already renounced her Canadian one, and would even renounce her Portuguese heritage if need be.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was asked about her Canadian citizenship following news of Nicholas Tse applying to renounce his, stated that she had already gave up her naturalised status a few years ago.

“Because I am half Portuguese and half Chinese, if the country has a policy to give up one of these nationalities, I will definitely be a brave Chinese,” she said.

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Maria is half Chinese, half Portuguese

Asked if this declaration was so that she could work in mainland China, Maria denied it, saying that she has already been planning to retire and return to Zhongshan.

“My uncle, cousins and all relatives are in Guangzhou and Foshan,” she added.

Earlier this week, an interview of Nicholas Tse went viral after the actor was revealed to have already applied to renounce his Canadian citizenship amid rumours that China may be blacklisting stars with dual citizenship.

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Nic doesn’t need his Canadian citizenship anymore

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Maria Cordero Instagram, Nicholas Tse Fans Club Instagram)