Louis Cheung has now earned the new nickname of “Hong Kong’s Christian Bale” for his latest transformation for a movie character.

The actor recently took to Instagram to share two very different photos of him – one of him looking quite chubby and another one of him looking much thinner, complete with abdominal muscles.

“How many times do I have to change my character?” the actor posted. “I really want to go back. I want to eat sweets for my hard work.”

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Now this
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From that

In another post, Louis revealed that he has been doing a lot of workouts to achieve his new look in a short amount of time, from going running, weight training as well as martial arts training.

On the other hand, wife Kay Tse seemed fine with any version of her husband, commenting online, “I’m okay with both style.”

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Kay is okay with whichever style her husband is on

(Photo Source: Louis Cheung Instagram, Kay Tse Instagram)