Lolit Solis recently expressed hope that the public will give Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes some privacy following the former’s apology.

Lolit, who is also Paolo’s manager, shared her thoughts following the actor’s Instagram posts, where he addressed the rumours against him regarding his breakup from LJ, his partner of six years and mother of his daughter, Summer.

“I hope everybody who feel that they are affected by what had happened will accept it. We already have too much drama in our lives to add more to it,” she said in her Instagram post.

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Lolit Solis: Give him privacy

Lolit stressed that Paolo has already admitted to what he did wrong and that only God serves the right to judge.

“If you don’t want to accept it, it’s fine. Life continues. It won’t stop yours as it won’t stop theirs,” she added.

In his previous post following LJ Reyes’ interview with Boy Abunda, Paolo admitted to have not been faithful to LJ, though denied that he was involved with his “A Faraway Land” co-star Yen Santos.

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Lolit says that everybody should leave Paolo and LJ Reyes alone

(Photo Source: Lolit Solis Instagram, Paolo Contis Instagram)