LJ Reyes finally broke her silence on the situation between her and former partner Paolo Contis, admitting that they are no longer together.

In an interview with Boy Abunda on his YouTube vlog, LJ – real name Lourna Jane Pujeda Reyes – admitted that it was a difficult and painful decision to make after six years together.

“If I don’t have a strong faith in God, I don’t know what will I do,” she said.

Asked who initiated the breakup, LJ stated that she felt Paolo had been distant for quite some time.

“We left because I felt like I really need me, myself, and my kids out of the situation physically so in a way, we can emotionally and mentally recover and rebuild as a small family,” she said.

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Before the break up – Paolo and LJ with their daughter Summer, and Aki, LJ’s son from a previous relationship

LJ stated that she and her kids Aki and Summer have flown to New York City in late August to stay with her family.

Declining to go into details about what had happened between the two of them, the actress stated ambiguously, “The past two months have been revelation after revelation. I can only sleep at night by listening to praise and worship. Sometimes, I get nightmares, how things unfolded. I couldn’t separate reality anymore from the information and revelation I got from the people around me, from what I uncovered.”

Rumours of the couple’s split sparked last month, when netizens noticed that Paolo had removed all traces of LJ and Aki (her son from a previous relationship) from his social media, leaving only photos of him and their daughter Summer.

His manager Lolit Solis later confirmed that they have outgrown their relationship, and denied any third party involvement.

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Paolo only left photos of him with his daughter on IG

(Photo Source: LJ Reyes Instagram, Paolo Contis Instagram, When In Manila)