After staying away from the public eye since her involvement in the Show Lo cheating scandal, Taiwanese singer and TV personality Linda Chien (also known as Sister Butterfly) recently resurfaced just to thank her fans for their birthday gifts.

As reported on Sina News, on 22 September, which marks Linda’s 38th birthday, the singer’s fans decided to show their love for her by planning a series of surprises, including buying an ad to be customised on a bus, and renting a huge LED screen in the Xinyi district to wish her a happy birthday.

Fans also donated 216 cans of dog food to charity in her name, despite not having any information as to what Linda has been doing since her hiatus.

Although Linda did not post anything new on her own Instagram account, she did go on her fan club’s page and wrote, “This is very touching. But please don’t spend too much money. I love all of you!”

Linda’s name was dragged into the mud after she was called out by Show Lo’s ex-girlfriend Grace Chow as being one of the pop star’s sex partners. She had since released a public apology to Grace and went on an indefinite hiatus – only resurfacing once to pay respect to the late Taiwanese host Alien Huang.

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The TV personality was dragged into Show Lo’s sex scandal

(Photo Source: Linda Chien Instagram, SINA)