Now that he is no longer with TVB, Taiwanese TV personality King Kong Lee has turned to business to make ends meet.

As reported on TVBS News, the comedian (real name Lee Hsin-chiao) recently announced that he has now brought his chicken business online, enabling customers to taste his homemade chicken wings with just a click.

“It’s been postponed for many months and finally we are able to do deliveries. Thank you for everybody’s assistance and for liking my chicken wings,” he said.

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King Kong’s girlfriend supports him wholly

He also thanked girlfriend Kelly Huang for her support since day one.

“If you don’t have time to come to Hengchun Peninsula, you can just order the wings online. Thank you for supporting chicken wings made from scratch,” he added.

In another live stream, King Kong addressed comments made by netizens about the price of his chicken that is considered expensive, saying that he has to consider many things in determining the price, including equipment, manpower, promotions and ingredients.

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It’s hot in the kitchen… woah, that’s a lot of chicken wings

(Photo Source: King Kong Lee Instagram)