Karena Lam’s upcoming new movie, “American Girl” has recently been selected to be a part of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The said movie, directed by Fiona Roan, revolves around a girl named Fen who is uprooted from the U.S. after her mother is stricken with breast cancer. The 13 year-old now struggles to adjust to life in Taipei amidst the SARS epidemic.

Karena plays the role of the mother.

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Karena plays a mother to 13 year-old Fen

The said movie will be having its premiere at the said festival under the Asian Future section.

Speaking about the festival entry, Karena stated that she is excited after hearing the good news.

“The subject matter of family is universal, and I am happy for director Fiona Roan. I hope this will be a good start and that the movie will do well at the box office as well,” she said.

It is noted that the movie is based on the childhood experience of the said director.

The Tokyo International Film Festival will be running from 30 October to 8 November.

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Scenes from the movie

(Photo Source: Tokyo International Film Festival 2021The Film Catalogue)