Just like many Sing Girls before and after her, Karen Mok admitted that Stephen Chow has played a big role in the success of her career in showbiz.

As reported on HK01, the jazz star, who accepted an interview to promote her new album, “The Voyage” recently, stated that Stephen had an “absolute critical” impact on her career, following their work together in films like “A Chinese Odyssey”, “Out of the Dark”, and “The God of Cookery”.

“At the time, I took several movies by Stephen in one breath. I didn’t even care at the time, but I was lucky in retrospect. The first time we worked together was in “A Chinese Odyssey” in 1995. It was also my first time playing a heroine,” she said.

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Karen Mok enjoys acting in ancient costume

Karen stated that unlike his movie characters, Stephen is a very serious person in real life.

“I learned to focus from him. He can give 200 percent attention to his work. What an expert. His brain works very fast and won’t just think of how to act the scene, but the whole scene as well and would often delve into the script with the director,” she said.

Karen admitted that the said film is still her most favourite project.

“First of all, I love the character I played. Second of all, I like ancient costumes very much. Very few people offered me to star in a period film though I really look forward to doing more of those,” she said.

She also enjoyed playing an ugly woman in “The God of Cookery”, stating that she was jumping for joy when told by Stephen that she would wear prosthetic teeth and a scar on her eyes for the character.

“It’s very rare to get to play a different role from others,” she added.

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Karen Mok plays the ugly Sister Turkey in ‘The God of Cookery’

(Photo Source: China Times, KKNews)