KathNiel’s Indonesian fans have done it again. After planting trees and adopting turtles under Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s names, the Kadreamers Indonesia revealed that they have done another good deed to celebrate the on-screen and off-screen couple’s 10th anniversary as a love team.

On 4 September, the fan club posted on its official Instagram account that it had rented a rice field to be managed by underprivileged farmers, with proceeds to be given to the farmer groups.

“There are still many farmers who work on others’ land (not they own) and they only receive daily wages. Therefore, Kadreamers Indonesia gave them land to be managed, along with costs for planting seeds, as well as maintenance and harvesting. Cause of pandemic, debts are piling up, but not commensurate with balance income to make farmers more restless,” they stated.

“Those who should be guaranteed their welfare because they are providers of basic food needs, in fact now live in poverty and debt bondage. That’s why we try to help realize the welfare of the farmers, hopefully in the future there will be many rice fields that we can provide to be managed by farmers in various places.”

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Kadreamers Indonesia helping the farmers

However, the fans admitted that they are only able to rent one rice field for the time being.

Daniel had since reposted the good news on his Instagram Story, and expressed, “Grabe wow! Hands down to these people!”

Back in June, Kadreamers Indonesia revealed that they have adopted 91 turtles under Daniel’s name, after they planted 266 trees dedicated to his girlfriend Kathryn.

(Photo Source:  Kadreamers Indonesia Instagram)