With the Chinese internet regulator getting stricter by the moment, Jolin Tsai recently warned fans to behave so not to suffer the same fate as celebs before her.

As reported on Mingpao, the pop star, whose studio recently received the Weibo certification for both Jolin’s fan club and support accounts, took to the said platform to remind fans of this matter, writing, “Pay attention to civilized language and be respectful when posting. Be aware of various copyright and personal reputation protection laws and regulations, and take the initiative to tactfully discourage friends who speak inappropriately.”

The studio also encouraged the fans to make friends with more netizens on the Internet, and with other singers and supporters in the music circle.

“Together for the better, let’s make more efforts to create a friendly Chinese music creation environment and a more friendly online environment. This will also be what Jolin Tsai hopes and is happy to see,” the studio added.

Jolin Tsai reminds fans to behave on Weibo, celeb asia, jolin tsai, theHive.Asia
Jolin tells her fans to be respectful when posting

Last month, Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice where it announced the launch of new measures to regulate fan group accounts and quell down toxic fan culture.

Zanilia Zhao was the first actress to have been punished by Weibo, with her studio account being blocked for 30 days over her fans’ behaviour against other fandom.

On the other hand, a BTS fan account was also blocked after it was revealed that Chinese fans of the said group held a crowdfund to pay for customising a Jeju Air plane for member Jimin’s birthday.

Jolin Tsai reminds fans to behave on Weibo, celeb asia, jolin tsai, theHive.Asia
The customised plane to celebrate Jimin’s 26th birthday on Oct 13

(Photo Source: Koreaboo, Jolin Tsai Instagram)