After missing the Venice International Film Festival last week, John Arcilla is thrilled to finally have his Volpi Cup in hand.

Sharing the photo of the Coppa Volpi on Instagram, he wrote, “My Coppa Volpi. Thank you [Erik Matti]. Success is for all of us. To all of us the honour. Long live!”

John was named Best Actor at the Venice International Film Festival on 11 September for his performance in the Erik Matti movie, “On The Job: The Missing 8” – making him the first Southeast Asian actor to win the said accolade.

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John Arcilla finally gets to hold his Volpi Cup

The actor, who couldn’t attend the event, was represented by the said filmmaker, who brought home the Cup with him to the Philippines.

In his previous acceptance speech, which he recorded, John expressed, “If there is something I really regret tonight, it is I won’t be able to kiss my own Volpi Cup there in the middle of Venice and on that red carpet just like all other 77 actors who I admire who have kissed their own prestigious award one actor could ever have.”

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John shared this image on his social media; a collage of some of the actors who had won the Volpi Cup in the past

(Photo Source: John Arcilla Instagram)