First they come for Zhao Wei (whose exact and alleged ‘sin’ against China is still very much unknown), and now all eyes are on martial arts star Jet Li, who is rumoured to be the next actor to be blacklisted in China.

As reported on Mingpao, rumours are rife that the Chinese authorities, which are currently cracking down on celebrity culture, have set their eyes upon several big names, that include “Mulan” star Crystal Liu, Taiwanese actor Mark Chao, singer-songwriters Wilber Pan and Wang Leehom, Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, and the wushu wonder himself, Jet Li.

Interestingly enough, a lot of these supposed future blacklist members have foreign citizenship, with Crystal, Leehom, and Wilber having US citizenships, while Nic and Mark both have Canadian ones.

Mainland director Zhou Guogang, who is known to have exposed many celebs secrets in the past, has also fuelled the rumours even further by sharing a video on TikTok and told Jet Li to “hurry up and run!”, that the next to suffer the same fate as Zhao Wei would be him.

Jet, who was born in Beijing, is revealed to have become a US citizen in 1997. He later renounced his American citizenship when he became a Singaporean citizen in 2009 as Singapore does not permit dual citizenship.

He is also known to be affiliated with Alibaba chief, Jack Ma, who reportedly has been facing increasing trouble with the Chinese government over his public criticisms.

However, many are also sceptical of this particular rumour, seeing that Jet has a clean record and is known for his many charitable works in China.

Jet Li is known for his many charitable works in China
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But could his affiliation with Jack Ma cause his downfall?

(Photo Source: Jet Li Instagram)