Although she was scheduled to give birth in mid-September, Jennifer Shum recently surprised many by announcing the birth of her first son.

On 6 September, the actress posted a photo of her baby boy Preston on Instagram, and wrote, “After a [5-day] stay at the hospital, I am now home sweet home. Although I was born 2 weeks earlier than expected but I weigh 6lbs 10oz and doctors said I am a healthy and strong baby.”

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Baby Preston is super cute

“Special Thank you to [Hong Kong Adventist Hospital] for taking care of me and mummy throughout this week of stay. She couldn’t be more grateful to have the genuine support, love and care from you all.”

Jennifer also revealed that she and her husband named their first son Preston because it “sounds like Present”, and that they wanted to be reminded to always ‘Live in the Present’ and to find gratefulness in life.

Jennifer tied the knot with non-showbiz boyfriend Kelvin in November last year. The actress announced her pregnancy back in May.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Shum Instagram)