Jay Chou has recently dismissed allegations of plagiarism that was pointed his way by K-pop fans.

As reported on ET Today, the whole issue sparked last week, when the multi-hyphenate shared a 25-second preview of his upcoming comeback song, much to fans’ anticipation.

However, fans of the K-pop group INFINITE who heard the prelude immediately noticed its similarity with the group’s 2011 song, “Julia” – accusing Jay, a singer-songwriter of more than 20 years who has written and composed songs for many artistes in the music industry, of copying the band’s music.

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Jay has been a singer-songwriter for over 20 years

Explaining from a professional point of view, Jay recently stated that he has actually used the same chord progression in his other songs that came way before the said INFINITE song, such as “Sunny Day”, “Qi Li Xiang” and “Her Eyelashes.”

“If the arrangement of the instrument is the same, then the sound will be similar. Basically, the chord progressions in pop music are the same. The verses are only of a few kind, and the same for the choruses. The emphasis is on creating a new melody using similar chord progressions!” he explained. “The 6m-4-1-5 four-loop chord method has been used for a long time. Would like me to list a bunch for everyone to see?”

It is noted that Jay has not released a new album since 2016, with his last one, “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Story” was released following the birth of his first child, Hathaway.

His last single, “Mojito” was released in June last year.

Let’s have a listen to Jay’s preview of his song, and compare it to INFINITE’s Julia which the latter’s fans have accused Jay of plagiarising.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram, Acetaldehyde Moore Youtube)