Jason Chan recently revealed that one of the songs in his new album, “53FPS” is dedicated to his wife Leanne Fu, who had to abort their child back in May this year.

Sharing the information on social media recently, Jason said that the song “Jie” was inspired by his wife’s sacrifice.

“In May, Leanne, who was pregnant with our third child had to undergo an abortion due to the child’s Edward’s syndrome. She blamed herself for losing her baby again, and I was also heartbroken… Seeing her frustration and anxiety, I really want to give her a little comfort. I am not good at expressing emotions, so I wrote her a song to cheer her up,” he wrote.

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Jason’s new album, ‘53FPS’

Jason stated that the point of the song is that “no matter what happens, you don’t have to be afraid because I am there; you don’t have to pretend to be free, don’t have to force a smile, cry when you want to cry, sleep when you want to sleep, I will always be with you. I hope listening to this song when you are sad can give you warmth.”

Back in May this year, Leanne revealed that she actually had an ectopic pregnancy last year, and was elated to find out that she was pregnant again soon after.

However, the happiness did not last long, after the doctor revealed that the baby was tested positive for Edward’s syndrome.

“The left and right brain have no separation, there is a severe heart problem, no nasal bone, the intestines were growing outside, the hand missing a bone, the feet are curved, and many more problems. The doctor said that even if it isn’t Edward’s syndrome, the baby will still have a lot of problems,” she said, adding that the family had to make the tough decision of having an abortion.

The couple are parents to daughter Abigail.

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Jason’s wife, Leanne with their daughter Abigail

(Photo Source: Jason Chan Instagram,  Leanne Fu Instagram)